Share or gift your data

Feeling generous? You can share data with anyone on your account, or even gift1  it to a mate using Australia Post Mobile.

Gifting data

How to gift1 your data to someone with an Australia Post Mobile.

  1. Log in to your account and go to 'Data gifting'.
  2. Enter the recipient's mobile number for who you want to gift data to.
  3. Select 'Gift now' to gift 1GB.
  4. The recipient will be notified of your gift.

For more information view the gifting frequently asked questions

Sharing data

Your data is automatically shared within your account.2

If you have more than one SIM on your account, and you’re on a $20, $30 or $40 plan, you can share your data. Data inclusions are combined into one shared amount.

Ready to share data with family or friends? Login to your account now

For more information view the shared data frequently asked questions


1 Data gifting is only available between Australia Post Mobile users on eligible plans. 1GB per gift, up to a max of 5GB/60GB per renewal period (being 30/365 days). Gifting is unavailable if you have under 1.5GB and expires at the end of the recipient’s expiry period.

2 All data is automatically shared across eligible services on the same account in Australia.