Share your Data with FlexiSIM

Share data between FlexiSIMs within the same account.

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Share data and keep digitally connected to those who matter most to you with FlexiSIM Data Sharing.

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Sharing your data in 3 easy steps

Do you have more than 1 FlexiSIM in your account?

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Turn on Data Sharing
  3. Data is now shared equally across all SIMs in your account

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I share data with?

The Australia Post FlexiSIM costs $4 (inc GST) but you’ll get $4 discounted off your first monthly plan payment. 

You can select from three month-to-month (30 day) plans - $19, $25 and $35 (inc GST). 

How does data sharing work?

Data across all plans within the same billing account will be pooled together and shared across all users on the same billing account. For a SIM to not share data they will need to transfer to a new billing account.

What if I don't want to share data with all SIMs in My Account?

For a SIM to not share data they will need to transfer that SIM to a new billing account. Contact customer support for help with transferring.

Who can change the shared data limits?

Only the primary account holder will have the ability to set data limits for each user on the billing account.

What if all data within all accounts is used up?

If all included data across all plans is used before the end of the billing period, we will automatically give you another 1GB for $10.

What happens to unused data?

Any unused data expires at the end of each billing period. Data is counted in kilobytes and includes uploads and downloads.

I have a question that isn't answered here - where can I get more support?

Australia Post FlexiSIM offers customer support right here in Australia. Call 1300 196 916.

*Terms and conditions:
For Australia Post Mobile FlexiSIM to work, the device must be unlocked and have the ability to operate on a 3G network. For full terms and conditions, rates, plans, and charges visit Usage subject to Fair Go Policy. If you choose to keep your exisiting number, early termination fees may apply from your current provider.

How to get started with FlexiSIM

Unlimited talk and text, plus mobile data you can use, share4 and gift.5

Get a FlexiSIM

Buy a $4 FlexiSIM
online or at a participating
Post Office.3

Choose a plan

When you have your
SIM, activate and
select a plan.

Enjoy your FlexiSIM

Enjoy unlimited talk and text and the ability to gift5 or share4 your data with friends and family on FlexiSIM.