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What are cookies?

Cookies are a way websites communicate with each other by remembering what you did on a previous page. Cookies also assist in making your user accounts secure. We use cookies to create a safe and easy way to use our website. For example, we use certain types of cookies to remember the information you entered on a previous page, so that you do not have to enter that same information multiple times. This cookies policy relates to TravelSIM only. 

Types of cookies and how Australia Post Mobile use cookies 

Session cookies

Session cookies track your movement from one page to the next and they are used to enable activities such as purchasing credit or an Australia Post Mobile. Without session cookies enabled, you would be unable to purchase items as that item would disappear as you move through the check-out process.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are used to remember information and settings between visits to our website. Persistent cookies also are used to authenticate your log-in and they make your online account secure.Without persistent cookies enabled, you will be unable to log into or interact with your account. 

Disabling cookies

You can control how cookies work on your computer by changing your browser’s settings. Each browser is different and we recommend checking the Help section of your browser for details about changing your settings. 

Some of the cookies uses are required for you to interact with our website and disabling cookies will prevent you from logging into your account and making purchases online.

How to get started with FlexiSIM

Unlimited talk and text, plus mobile data you can use, share4 and gift.5

Get a FlexiSIM

Buy a $4 FlexiSIM
online or at a participating
Post Office.3

Choose a plan

When you have your
SIM, activate and
select a plan.

Enjoy your FlexiSIM

Enjoy unlimited talk and text and the ability to gift5 or share4 your data with friends and family on FlexiSIM.