Download the FlexiSIM app

Easily access your account, manage your plan, share4 and gift5 data.

The Australia Post FlexiSIM app

Stay in control of your account when you're on the move. 

  • Activate a FlexiSIM
  • View your usage
  • View remaining data and international talk
  • Make and manage payments
  • Share and gift data

How to get started with FlexiSIM

Unlimited talk and text, plus mobile data you can use, share4 and gift.5

Get a FlexiSIM

Buy a $4 FlexiSIM
online or at a participating
Post Office.3

Choose a plan

When you have your
SIM, activate and
select a plan.

Enjoy your FlexiSIM

Enjoy unlimited talk and text and the ability to gift5 or share4 your data with friends and family on FlexiSIM.