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Workforce ActivationTo get started you'll need

To get started, you’ll need to have an Australia Post Mobile SIM card and your ID handy.

If you don't have your SIM card yet, you can purchase one in our online store, using the discount code APWF1021 at checkout to receive your initial 10% discount on your chosen plan. Or visit a participating Post Office, present your Workforce ID or APS number and purchase your chosen plan.

Once you have your SIM, return to this page to activate it using your Workforce ID or APS number. To receive your ongoing 10% discount, set up auto-renew with your credit card.

1. Your SIM card

Australia Post Mobile card

2. Valid form of ID

Valid ID

Australian driver's licence or passport, international passport with a visa, or a valid Centrelink card (Health care, Seniors health, or Pensioner concession card).

3. Your device

Mobile device

If you plan to transfer your existing number, please take a look at our porting checklist before proceeding.

If you plan to transfer your existing number, please take a look at our porting checklist before proceeding.

Please correct the following error(s):

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Enter your activation key

Australia Post Mobile card


*Choose this option if you already have an active SIM on your account and you would like to add another.

You can have multiple 30 day plans on the same account, but you can only have one 365 day plan per account.

IMPORTANT: The renewal cycle of your new SIM will match your current SIM.


Add to account

Please log in to add your SIM to your account.


Checking account details

Please wait while we check some things...

Verifying payment information... DONE
${ paymentInformation.token.message }
Verifying your account... DONE
${ activeService.message }

Account information

We need some more information to activate your SIM and setup your account.

We've gone ahead and pre-filled some information for you. Please update your address.

It looks like you have an account with an active service already. Please restart the activation process and choose "Add to my existing account" or use a different email address.


Please correct the following error(s):

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Select plan

${ plan.size }
$${ (plan.price/100) }/${plan.days}-days
${ plan.data }GB
included data

Includes these great features:

Data rollover up to 100GB.*
30 days expiry, no lock-in contracts.
365 days expiry, no lock-in contracts.
Unlimited standard Australian talk & text.
Keep your number or get a new one.*
Data is shared with SIMs in your account.*
Gift mobile data to your mates.*
$${ plan.idd } of international talk to any country

Critical information summary


Transfer your existing number

You have the option to transfer your current Australian mobile number for your Australia Post Mobile service.

A mobile number can only be transferred once every 30 days.

By requesting a transfer, you acknowledge you are cancelling your current mobile service and your current provider may charge fees or charges.

Transferring your phone number from some service providers (porting) can take a few hours up to a couple of days. We will monitor your port and keep you up-to-date via email. If you would like to activate immediately, select 'No, I want a new number'.

Information we need

It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of your current service provider in relation to the mobile number you are transferring to Australia Post Mobile as you may have to pay a penalty or cancellation fees and there may be other consequences if you are ending an existing contract early.

We need to send you an SMS verification code. Please enter your phone number and allow 5 minutes for the verification code to be sent. For more information, please read our number transfer policy.

That mobile number already exists on an Australia Post Mobile account. You cannot transfer it onto a new SIM card. Please contact us if you require further details.

Please provide a valid phone no. starting with 04xx.

Please enter the verification code to continue. If you did not receive a code, wait 5 minutes and refresh this page to try again.

The code you entered is not valid.

You have entered an incorrect code too many times. Please wait 5 minutes and refresh this page.

TIP: To find your account number, log into your account on your current provider's website or smartphone app. Alternatively, search for an account related email sent from your current provider or call your current supplier's customer help line and ask for your account number.

I authorise Australia Post Mobile to transfer this number. I also confirm that this is my mobile account and that I have authority to request the transfer of this number. I also understand that Australia Post Mobile will only transfer my number once the details associated with my previous provider have been successfully validated. I’m also aware that if my handset is from another provider it might need to be unlocked and Australia Post Mobile can’t do this for me.

I understand and accept that by transferring my number I am terminating any contract with my previous provider, that no credit will carry over from this provider, and they may apply conditions or charge a fee, and I will also need to finalise my account with them after the transfer of my number to Australia Post Mobile has been completed. I acknowledge that switching to Australia Post Mobile may result in disconnection of services (including value added services) relating to the above mentioned mobile service number(s). A valid email address is required in order to receive transfer completion notification. I understand that information may be provided to other people to assist with account setup such asporting or fraud teams.

I understand that the number transfer will be rejected by my current mobile provider if the date of birth or account number I provide is incorrect, or if my mobile number is currently disconnected. Australia Post Mobile will make reasonable efforts to let me know about transfer completion on the day it happens, and will also let me know if there are any delays along the way that stop them completing the transfer (this includes incorrect information provided by the customer like, incorrect account number or date of birth).

During business hours transfers will usually take only a few hours but may take longer. They are usually complete within 3 business days. You can continue to use your old sim card until it stops working, there may be a short period of service interruption while your number transfers. Your sim card should be active shortly afterward or by 8pm that same day.

I acknowledge that my mobile number that I am transferring to Australia Post Mobile may be supplied to other carriers to allow call and messaging routing, complaint handling and network fault management.

By confirming to the Transfer I agree to enter into a new agreement with Australia Post Mobile. If I choose a Australia Post Mobile no lock-in contracts I’m free to leave whenever I want and if I choose a plan with a contract there are charges with terminating this contract early.

For Australia Post Mobile no lock-in contract plans or any Australia Post Mobile product paid monthly without a contract: If I leave before the end of my plan period Australia Post Mobile won’t refund the amount of my monthly payment.

Please correct the following error(s):

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Please correct the following error(s):

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Please wait...

ID Check

${ creditCardIdValidation.message }

We need to do a quick ID check to verify you.

Government ID* - you will be requested to enter your details from a valid Australian drivers licence, Australian/International passport, or a valid Centrelink card (Health care card, Seniors health card, Pensioner concession card).

*To ensure your privacy we do not store this information.


ID verification

We are required to complete a successful ID verification during activation. Please complete the fields below. The information you provide must match your ID.

We were unable to confirm your identity as the details did not match your official document. Please ensure the details on this screen match what is printed on your ID.



${ activation.message }

Selected plan: ${ planSelected.name }

Saved Card: ${ paymentInformation.token.number } image/svg+xml

Today's charge is $${ (getAmount().today) } for the current ${planSelected.days}-day period.

Please correct the following error(s):

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  • · ${ error }

${ activation.message }

Please wait...

Please wait while we work...this may take a while. Don't navigate away or refresh the page.

Activation request received

Check your inbox to set your Australia Post Mobile password

We have sent you an email to activate your Australia Post Mobile customer account. Please check your inbox for this email as it should arrive shortly. All you need to do is follow the prompts and create a password.

Your phone number will be:

${ phoneAssigned }

Your selected plan:

${ planSelected.name }

When can I use my Australia Post Mobile service?

You will also receive an email to confirm once the activation of your plan has been completed. This usually happens within 15-minutes. Once you receive this email, ensure you insert your Australia Post Mobile SIM in your phone to use your new plan.

Chosen to keep your number? Please allow up to 2 business days for this request to be processed and finalised. You will be sent an email to confirm once this has been completed.

We also applied your 10% Workforce Discount Offer, thank you.

My account

Activate another SIM

Go to homepage

Transaction failed

You'll need to start the process again. Your payment has failed.


Workforce Discount Offer

By entering an APS/WFID Number and ticking the “I have read and agree to the Workforce Discount Offer terms and conditions” checkbox as part of the activation process for your Australia Post Mobile, you acknowledge and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. To be eligible for the Workforce Discount Offer the service must be activated via the URL: https://auspostmobile.com.au/staff-offer.
  2. The Workforce Discount Offer is available only to holders of a current eight-digit APS/WFID Number and their authorised family and friends.
  3. You can activate as many family and friends as you like using your APS/WFID number.
  4. Discount is only applicable on current Australia Post Mobile plans when you setup an auto top up for the life of the service. Recharge voucher customers are not eligible.
  5. The discount offer is 10% off the otherwise applicable plan rate for that Australia Post Mobile service, for the life of that service.
  6. For an Australia Post Mobile service to continue to be entitled to have the Workforce Discount Offer applied, the APS/WFID Number must remain current/valid. In the event the holder of the APS/WFID Number ceases to be part of the Australia Post workforce entitled to the Workforce Discount Offer, you must immediately notify Australia Post. Australia Post Mobile services activated under an APS/WFID Number that is no longer current will no longer be eligible for the Workforce Discount Offer.
  7. Australia Post reserves the right to review the currency/validity of any APS/WFID Number used in relation to the Workforce Discount Offer from time to time. In the event Australia Post becomes aware that an APS/WFID Number is invalid, no longer current or has otherwise being used not in accordance with these terms and conditions, Australia Post reserves the right to:

    a. withdraw the Workforce Discount Offer from any or all Australia Post Mobile services activated using that APS/WFID Number; and/or

    b. seek to recover from the Australia Post Mobile service holder the amount of any discount(s) applied to the Australia Post Mobile service not in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  8. These terms and conditions are additional to all other terms and conditions associated with the Australia Post Mobile service.
  9. Australia Post reserves the right to withdraw, or vary the terms of, the Workforce Discount Offer at any time.